Hi. I'm Tina.
Thanks for stopping by. One of my many interests and passions in life is in helping others find their way on their adventure to self discovery. For me, Nia is one of the many ways that I have found to nourish the mind, body and soul. My goal with this blog is to share information about Nia as well as, the wealth of information I have gathered from teachers on my own journey to living a healthful life. I hope you find this blog informative and helpful in finding your own path to well being.

Nia Helps Out - KW Get Moving for Haiti Nia Dance & Donate

I like to think of Nia as fitness with a conscience. One of the most powerful aspects of Nia is that it consists of a community of people who care about the the planet and make a commitment to help making the world a better place. The Nia community has taken the opportunity to raisie relief funds whenever there is a need. Once again, there is a need, and we'd like to contribute in a small way.
I've been lucky enough to have the City of Kitchener generously supply a space for us to hold a Dance for Haiti Nia Jam Fundraiser. So let's band together and support our community in giving what we can to help out the citizens of Haiti. I invite you to come by the Breithaupt Centre in Kitchener on Saturday February 13th, to have fun and get moving with a great purpose in mind.
Even if you can't participate, drop by, sneak a peek and feel free to make a donation. For more details, click on the "Events" tab on this page, and click on the event listing on the Calendar on the SoulDancing page for February 13th.


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