Hi. I'm Tina.
Thanks for stopping by. One of my many interests and passions in life is in helping others find their way on their adventure to self discovery. For me, Nia is one of the many ways that I have found to nourish the mind, body and soul. My goal with this blog is to share information about Nia as well as, the wealth of information I have gathered from teachers on my own journey to living a healthful life. I hope you find this blog informative and helpful in finding your own path to well being.

D & D for Haiti a Great Success!

 I have to apologize for not coming back to this blog to let everyone know how we did at the Dance and Donate Event for Haiti. So here, finally.....is a belated update.
We had a wonderful turnout...many more participants than I had expected. Thanks to all current students that convinced friends and family to come out and have a go and to those curious souls who came out to giver' a try. We received about $700 in cash donations and close to $400 in relief products!
Once again, thank-you everyone for your contributions of time, effort and materials.


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