Hi. I'm Tina.
Thanks for stopping by. One of my many interests and passions in life is in helping others find their way on their adventure to self discovery. For me, Nia is one of the many ways that I have found to nourish the mind, body and soul. My goal with this blog is to share information about Nia as well as, the wealth of information I have gathered from teachers on my own journey to living a healthful life. I hope you find this blog informative and helpful in finding your own path to well being.

So, how about that weather we're having?

Alright already! I'll apologize, even though I will maintain that I am so totally not to blame for this past weekend's weather. I still hear the cacophony of "I told you so's" ringing in my ears. In referencing back to my last post.....yes, I did indeed put the winter gear away and yes, yes, yes, we did experience sub-zero temperatures (and snow, in some parts) and potentially Kansas twister-type strength winds. Next year I promise I'll wait until July to put away the cold weather clothing.
On a different note, if you have a chance check out Best Health Magazine, May 2010 issue (page 36, to be exact). One of our Monday night participants, Yvonne Chypchar, wrote a wonderful little article of her experience with Nia and just happened to include Yours Truly in it. Now I realize that you will all want your magazine copies autographed by me as soon as possible, but I will undoubtedly have to organize some system to deal with the line-ups :^)  Until then, you can grab a peek via this link: Best Health Nia Article or at http://www.niac.ca/ under Press & Media.
I'd also like to say sorry for bailing out on class Monday. A wild and crazy weekend at a dance competition in the US of A, left me with a frozen neck and shoulder re-aggravated from a previous injury. I'm not sure what the trigger was. Perhaps it was the white-knuckle drive across a highway congested with huge 40 footers hurling waves of water onto the windshield as they sped by on one side of us while torrential rain and high winds pummeled the other side of the vehicle. Maybe it was the 2.5 hour wait at the Queenston Bridge, hoping the car didn't get picked up off the structure and hurled like a pebble being thrown across a wind-swept pond by a carefree child, all the while anticipating an unpleasant cavity search from a disgruntled and bored Border Guard that thought my passport photo was unappealing. Most likely, it was from the strain of being on constant vigilance for those autograph seekers :^)


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